Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer

Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer

Tiny and ultra-lightweight, the Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer is the ideal step counter for all walkers and hikers.This pedometer effectively measures walking, hiking and jogging distance.

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Product Features

The Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer is perfect for users who want to achieve their personal fitness goals. Its product features are:

  • Patented Advanced Pendulum Design (APD)
  • Measures distance up to 1000 miles in 1/100 mile/km increments
  • Adjustable stride length from 1 to 5 feet
  • Single button stride set and reset
  • Large, easy to read electronic display

What's in the Box

  • The Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer with spring loaded belt clip
  • LR44 battery
  • An instruction manual
  • A 10,000 steps per day program guidebook
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Small and light
Accurate when worn on hip


Clip can break easily
Does not function properly if placed in a pocket or purse

Product Description

The Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer features its very own-patented Advanced Pendulum Design, where inside the step counter is a balanced weight that is very sensitive to vertical motion - therefore ensuring accurate tracking of every single steps!

Other than counting steps, the Sportline 340 also measures distance in miles or kilometers up to 1000 miles. It also features both automatic and manual stride measurement that is adjustable from 1 to 5 feet. This assists the user with accurate stride setting.

This tiny, ultra-lightweight pedometer also makes it very convenient to carry around. It features a large digital display and a spring loaded belt clip so that users may clip it to their belt, waistband or pocket.

The Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer is a great workout companion for any health conscious individuals who are determined to achieve 10,000 steps a day.

Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer Reviews:

By: Jim Estill (New York)

I love it. Motivates me to do my 10,000 steps per day.

Some people complain about the spring loaded clip but I like it. It means I can wear it on the belt of my dress pants, my sweat pants or on my nylon running shorts.

By: D. L. Smith (OH)

I'm not really fond of this piece of equipment. Can't say a whole lot about it as it's always falling coming unclipped. I think it may be a little off on steps as I take about 4 steps and it only measures 3 SO not sure about the accuracy really but hey what do you expect for $15 right? I would recomment for people who don't walk fast and for people that walk on a flat level surface otherwise get something better if you can afford it!

By: Bruce D. Beck

You absolutely have to wear this where it stays level. Follow the instructions that come with it and it will do right. I had to find the perfect place along my belt line in order that it work right. It's as good as any pedometer I've used.

By: manelymom (California USA)

These are very cheap pedometers, but even though I find they twist on my clothes, get dislodged, and other things that keep them from counting properly on irregular stepping, I have found that they are as reliable as the much more expensive ones. Some of the more expensive highly rated ones would only count consistent, regular steps - but I wanted something that counted my steps all day, regular or not. This is the best that I have tried, and I have tried many. I have been wearing a pedometer (mostly this model) for three years, every day. They are small, lightweight and don't make a big bulge in clothing (important to me).

Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer

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