Omron GOsmart™ HJ-151 Hip Pedometer

Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer

Worn on the hip, the Omron HJ-151 Pedometer is a simple and quiet step-counter that motivates individuals to count the number of steps taken daily, measures distance and calories burned to achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle.

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Product Features

Like all other Omron pocket pedometers, the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer is packed with fantastic features:

  • It measures steps, moderate steps and minutes and calculates amount of calories burnt and distance
  • It features a single accelerometer sensor that accurately measures steps
  • It separately displays the number of moderate steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace
  • It features a unique 7-day history that allows users to review a full week of exercise
  • It automatically resets at midnight so that users start tracking their activity readily every morning
  • It has a large LCD display and a clock

What's in the Box

  • The Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer
  • 1 Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • Mini screwdriver for battery insertion
  • Clip and belt holder
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty Card (1 year limited warranty)


Compact design
Easy to use
Simple controls


Clip not strong enough, easy to fall off

Product Description

The Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer is a great motivational step counter that helps users who are dedicated to leading an active lifestyle but would also like to track their total daily steps.

While many pedometers require a specific stride in order for the step to be counted, the Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer does not. Due to its single accelerometer sensor, users can simply walk at a desired pace and speed and their steps will still be recorded.

The pedometer has a large LCD screen that separately displays the number of steps taken and time spent. Its midnight reset function ensures that it only records the steps taken for day and also makes it convenient for users to start their daily tracking the next morning. Additionally, with its 7-day memory, users can review the progress they have made in a week. This is essential for those who want to track their steps but are unable to log each day.

The aerobic activity function counts the number of steps and aerobic time when users walk or run for more than 60 steps per minute or continue the activity for more than 10 minutes. At the same time, the regular step counter counts all the steps taken. Other functions of this pocket pedometer include a calories and distance calculation, so that users have a better overview of their exercise to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer Q&A

Q. Does it matter where the pedometer is placed or attached?

The Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer must be positioned correctly. Attach the unit to your belt or to the top of your waistband. The unit must be horizontal to the ground in order for the unit to function correctly.

Q. What's the accuracy rate of Omron pedometers?

Omron pedometers are of high accuracy – its precision of the step counting is within +/- 5%.

Q. What are moderate steps?

At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day. The HJ-151 Pedometer separately displays the steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace.

Q. What are aerobic steps?

The HJ-151 Pocket Pedometer separately displays aerobic steps and minutes that start counting after 10 minutes of continuous walking with more than 60 steps a minute.

Omron GOsmart™ HJ-151 Pedometer Reviews:

By: Bobbye Spicer (Homosassa, FL United States)

I am very pleased with this product. I walk each day and it is so helpful in keeping up with my progress. I can see what I have done for a complete week. Very easy to use.

By: T. Peyton (Central CA United States)

I love this pedometer! It shows the number of steps you've taken, how many of those were at "moderate" speed, how long you walked at the moderate speed, how many calories you've burned and the distance you've walked that day. It stores the information for 7 days. It's lightweight, yet sturdy. It's easy to read. At the time I purchased the Omron HJ-151, I read the Amazon reviews. Several people mentioned that the clip wasn't strong enough and they lost their pedometer rather quickly. I ignored the warning because the clip seemed sturdy. I lost it the 3rd day I had it! That's the only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. I was really unhappy. I love the pedometer so much that I ordered a replacement the same day I lost the first one. This time I spent $1.95 + shipping, to buy a strap that secures the pedometer better than the clip it comes with. You don't need to "wear" the Omron HJ-151 attached to your waist. It works just as well sitting inside of your pocket. I use the strap for extra security. I highly recommend this product, but spend the extra $1.95 to get a strap to back up the clip.

By: Dottie Goffer

Love this pedometer. It is simple to use. I wear it everyday and have increased my walking measurably just to add on those steps.

By: Esther (Maryland)

Just ordered my 2nd one because I lost it this weekend. Which - is my only issue with it. Easily knocked off if carrying a pack, so can be lost easily when hiking or walking through an airport (as I was).

Otherwise it works very well. Love that it tracks steps, mileage, calories, and faster steps. Seems quite accurate and consistent. Clearly I like it, since I'm ordering a 2nd one!

Omron HJ-151 Pedometer

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