Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer

Omron HJ 113 Pedometer

A dual-axis pocket pedometer, the Omron HJ-113 is an excellent step-counter and perfect companion for walkers who want track progress - easily, accurately and over time. Coupled with Omron Advanced 2D Smart Sensor Technology, it will accurate count and track steps even when you place the pedometer at the hip, pocket or clip it to a bag.

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Product Features

The new Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer has the following features:

  • Its revolutionary dual-axis acceleration sensor counts steps accurately when placed horizontally or vertically
  • Measures steps, aerobic steps, time, distance and calories burnt
  • Records the number of steps and calorie consumption up to 7 days ago
  • Features a 24 hour system clock
  • Dual Display: Wide and easy to read LCD
  • Resets automatically at midnight so it is ready to go every morning

What's in the Box

  • The HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer
  • 1 Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • Mini screwdriver for battery insertion
  • Clip for strap and belt holder
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty Card (1 year limited warranty)


Easy to use
Simple controls


Clip too small and not strong
Bulky in pants/skirt

Product Description

The Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer features the dual-axis acceleration sensor technology instead of the traditional pendulum design that is used by most other pedometers. This dual-axis feature of the sensor also allows the pocket pedometer to count steps when placed in a horizontal or vertical position. This means that users can either wear it on their belt or waistband, or place it in their pocket, purse or bag and the pedometer would still count the steps accurately.

This pocket pedometer has a large LCD screen that displays both daily total steps and aerobic steps, at the same time, measuring miles and calories burnt. The aerobic step function tracks the user’s steps when he walks or runs for more than 60 steps per minute or continue for 10 minutes or more. These features are suitable for users who are dedicated to monitoring their daily workout, be it for weight loss or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This excellent pocket pedometer also has a 7-day memory function that allows users to review their full week of workout. This function benefits those who are unable to log on every day. Additionally, the device also resets itself at midnight, so it is ready to be used every morning - pop it into your pocket or secure it onto your waistband and you are ready to go!

Omron HJ-113 Pedometer Q&A

Q. Does it matter where the pedometer is placed or attached?

The unit should be horizontal to the ground for it to operate correctly. It should be attached to your belt or to the top of your waistband. In other cases, it can also be placed in your pocket or a bag.

Q. What's the accuracy rate of Omron pedometers?

The precision of the step counting is within +/- 5%.

Q. What are moderate steps?

At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day.

Q. What are aerobic steps?

The Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer separately displays aerobic steps and minutes that start counting after 10 minutes of continuous walking with more than 60 steps a minute.

Omron HJ-113 Pocket Pedometer Reviews:

By: M. Stewart

I have gone through about a half-dozen pedometers in the last 3 years.
One fell off in the toilet, 2 just fell off at work without my realizing it. Two just stopped functioning.

The Omron has a stronger spring than others I've had. That with the "leash" clip pretty assures against its loss. I have knocked the clip off a few times when carrying something heavy, but the leash kept it attached.

I also appreciate the automatic daily reset feature. My daily goal is to walk between 4-5 miles in the normal course of the workday. The unit also keeps track of an entire week's accumulation in miles, steps, calories burned. It's the best one I've used to date.

By: H. Render (Colorado Springs, CO)

I purchased this to use during a "Walk for Health" program at work. So far it's been great! It's easy to set up, it has a variety of useful modes, it seems to track my walking accurately. I'd give it five stars except that the belt clip is a little small, and it tends to come off if I'm not careful with it, particularly if a wear a wider belt.

By: L. Buchanan (NC)

This is an excellent pedometer! I exercise every day, and thought I was burning sufficient calories; however, this pedometer has given me a wake up call, and encouraged me to exercise more to meet my goals. I was amazed at the steps and miles I walk at work! I have lost several pounds since having this pedometer.

Omron HJ 113 Pocket Pedometer

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