Omron GOsmart™ HJ-112 Pedometer

Omron HJ 112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

The Omron GOsmart™ HJ-112 Pedometer - featuring advanced 2D Smart Sensor Technology is a dual-axis pocket pedometer that helps users to step up to a healthier lifestyle while helping them to track their progress - easily, accurately and over time!

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Product Features

  • Step Counter: Counts the number of steps taken while walking or jogging up to 99,999 Steps
  • Activity Time: Times the duration of steady walk from 0 to 1440 minutes
  • Distance: Measures the distance covered while walking or jogging up to 999 miles
  • Calories: Calculates calories from 0 to 99,999
  • Burned Fat Volume: Calculates the amount of burnt fat from 0.0 to 199.9g
  • 7 Days Memory: Records the number of steps and calorie consumption up to 7 days ago
  • Clock: Features a 24 hour system clock
  • Dual Display: Wide and easy to read LCD
  • 6 Digit: Effectively displays up to 1 million steps

What's in the Box

  • The Omron HJ-112 pedometer
  • 1 Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • Mini screwdriver for battery insertion
  • 6" strap, clip and belt holder that prevents your pedometer from falling off your waist
  • Instruction manual with pedometer tips to increase daily steps.
  • Warranty Card (1 year)


Highly rated for accuracy
Count steps, miles, calories and tracks aerobic steps
7-day memory


Size is larger than some pedometers

Product Description

The Omron GOsmart™ HJ-112 pedometer is a highly rated device that features a revolutionary acceleration sensor technology instead of the conventional pendulum mechanism found in other pedometers. This means there will be no more annoying clicking sounds! Its unique design allows it to be worn around your waist on your belt or waistband, or carried around in your pocket or purse. While the device must remain perpendicular to the ground, it will still work if slightly tilted or slanted.

The Omron HJ-112 pedometer has fantastic features for those who are dedicated to tracking their walking workouts as well as their total daily steps. In addition to tracking number of steps, this device also measures miles and calories. Its aerobic function tracks the user’s steps when he walks or runs for more than 60 steps per minute or continue for 10 minutes or more. What’s best about this pocket pedometer is that is has a 7-day memory function that is an absolute essential for those users who want to track their steps but are not able to log each day.

Packed with such amazing features, the Omron HJ-112 pedometer is top rated for accuracy in treadmill walking and running. It provides motivation for users to exercise regularly and help them to achieve their goals during their workout and also gives instant feedback.

Omron GOsmart™ HJ-112 Pedometer Q&A

Q. Does it matter where the pedometer is placed or attached?

The unit should be horizontal to the ground for it to operate correctly. It should be attached to your belt or to the top of your waistband.

Q. What's the accuracy rate of Omron pedometers?

The precision of the step counting is within +/- 5%.

Q. What are moderate steps?

At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day. The HJ-151 Pedometer separately displays the steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace.

Q. What are aerobic steps?

The HJ112 and HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer separately displays aerobic steps and minutes that start counting after 10 minutes of continuous walking with more than 60 steps a minute.

Omron GOsmart™ HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer Reviews:

By: Mr. P. Hutchison (Swansea, Wales)

I have a few digital pedometers which do not work for me. They all miss steps - perhaps I walk too smoothly. This one works even if it is in my pocket. I have counted nearly 1,000 steps on the first trip and the pedomter and I were within 0.5%. I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong! I think it is as good as you will find.

By: Dan

I've walked for many years and consider myself to be fit. I got a pedometer so I could track just how much walking I do. I like the Omron I got. It shows steps, aerobic steps, kCals, and miles walked. It works great for most activity, but not so good on bike riding where your body moves very differently from when you're walking. Bottom line is that the pedometer motivates me to walk more. That's great.

By: Sherrinsford Holmes (White Bear Lake MN USA)

This is easily the best of all the pedometers I have. While it is the largest, it's not intrusive, bulky or heavy. It's easy to read. Extremely accurate (I've counted the steps I take in a two mile walk and the two numbers are very close). It's accurate whether in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, or clipped to a belt.

By: Paul Gifford (Maryland)

I bought this for my wife when she took up walking with a neighbor, and it's turned out to be perfect for counting the steps and distance they cover. My wife will also put it in her purse to continue counting steps as she runs errands or takes the kids to their many appointments and activities.

It's easy to use, very little setup is required. Measure an average stride length, change a few settings like time and body weight (to estimate calories burned). It's not difficult at all to look at the number of steps walked or distance covered over the last 7 days.

Omron Gosmart Pedometer HJ-112

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