Omron HJ-105 Pocket Pedometer

Omron HJ-105 Pocket Pedometer

Set time, weight and stride length and you are ready to start moving with the Omron HJ-105 Pedometer - an inexpensive but multi-functioned step counter cater for individuals who want to track their exercise progress and reach their fitness goals.

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Product Features

  • Effectively and accurately measures steps, aerobic steps, time, distance as well as calories burnt
  • Features a 7-day memory function that records total daily steps and calorie consumption up to 7 days ago
  • Easy to set-up, small and lightweight design featuring a spring clip and snap-close back case
  • Wide LCD screen and easy to read dual display
  • 24 hour system clock

What's in the Box

  • The Omron HJ-105 Pedometer
  • 1 Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • A mini screwdriver for battery insertion
  • A strap and clip to secure the pedometer to your pocket or belt
  • An Instruction manual
  • Warranty Card (1 year limited warranty)


Easy to use
Lightweight and compact
More features for less money


Low battery life

Product Description

The Omron HJ-105 Pedometer is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight or lead a more active lifestyle as it helps users monitor their workout and attain their fitness goals. The Omron HJ-105 Pedometer has received many positive reviews from users around the world who have successfully achieved their fitness goals with the help and motivation from such an amazing an inexpensive pedometer!

Lightweight and easy to use, the Omron HJ-105 Pedometer measures each step that you take, aerobic steps, time and distance, and amount of calories burnt during your workout. This pedometer works very simply and absolutely fuss-free! It also has its very own 7-day memory function that stores all the data from your exercise routines from 7 days ago. This is advantageous for users who would like or want to track a week's worth of workouts.

The device also features a spring clip and a snap close back case, which protects the LCD screen. Besides being a very accurate step counter, the Omron HJ-105 Pedometer also functions as a clock.

Omron HJ 105

If you have been looking for an multi-function pocket pedometer, the Omron HJ-105 Pedometer is an ideal one for you! Once you have set your time, weight and stride length, you are ready to start moving!

Omron HJ-105 Pedometer Q&A

Q. Does it matter where the pedometer is placed or attached?

The unit should be horizontal to the ground for it to operate correctly. It should be attached to your belt or to the top of your waistband. In other cases, it can also be placed in your pocket or a bag.

Q. What's the accuracy rate of Omron pedometers?

The precision of the step counting is within +/- 5%.

Omron HJ-105 Pocket Pedometer Reviews:

By: Melissa S. Clark (Snellville, GA, US)

I simply love this pedometer. It is small and very easy to set up and use.

By: SchnabelFan

The pedometer works quite well. During a test it counted all the 1200 steps within just a few counts - certainly accurate enough. It gets fooled by walking up stairs, which it ignores completely. Once, on a bumpy flight it added hundreds of counts. The calorie burning feature I do not use, so I cannot judge it. Overall this little pedometer does what it is supposed to do without any frills. Could not ask for better performance.

By: Bill D. Prater (Florida)

My wife wears a pedometer every day. We've had a bunch of them, but her first one was one of these. We've come back to it after trying lots of others - it holds up the best, and is reasonably priced.

By: haru928

I've purchased this pedometer twice now, and both have died on me after around a period of 1-2months each. Maybe I'm just unlucky and got a pair of duds, but really now... that's not acceptable by any standards. Aside from the horrid battery life on these things, the functionality is decent, simple, easy to use and setup. It's fairly accurate as soon as you find just the right sensitivity settings for the environment you plan to use it.

Final verdict, I haven't actually tried to replace the batteries yet, so I can't be sure if it's a device failure or if it's a battery failure. But I know for sure that I'll be searching for a different brand. For you consumers out there, if you're willing to risk having to replace the battery or possibly the whole unit, then this is a pretty solid cheap pedometer. Otherwise, I'd recommend doing some research and going for something more reliable and overall better quality. I'd love to give it at least 3 stars in rating for price and functionality, but having the device fail twice now, I can't give it any more than 2 stars.

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