Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch

Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch

The Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF watch is designed to be the ideal motivational tool for running enthusiasts to keep track of their daily fitness achievements.

With it's built-in pedometer, this Casio watch help keep tabs on distance, energy expenditure, average pace, and number of steps.

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Product Features

Casio has cleverly combined a watch and a pocket pedometer into one unit. Unique features of this pedometer watch are:

  • World time, countdown time, stopwatch
  • Quality Japanese-quartz movement
  • Acceleration sensor for step counting
  • Measures distance, energy, consumption, average pace and total daily steps
  • EL backlight with afterglow
  • Water resistant up to 330 feet (100 metres)


Read accurately
Many functions
Comfortable to wear


Pedometer geared for running only
Complicated with many functions

Product Description

Casio, a well-known timepiece brand has integrated sports and fitness with timekeeping. With its built-in step counter, the Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch allows running enthusiasts to track their total daily steps, as well as duration of their workout and distance covered.

Besides its fantastic built-in pedometer feature, other functions include a countdown timer, stopwatch, five daily alarms, calendar and backlit display with afterglow technology. This 2-in-1 watch also features world time with 31 time zones, with 48 cities! This makes it extremely convenient for any frequent traveler who still wants to exercise regularly while overseas. As such, this is the perfect pedometer watch for the active businessman who travels often.

With its reliable Japanese quartz movement, the Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch is water resistant up to 330 feet, or 100 meters. This excellent feature benefits individuals who are active in both land and water. Users do not need to remove the watch whilst switching between exercises, for example, jogging and swimming.

In addition, the Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch is not only for sports use; it also pairs well with office and casual wear. Its black resin strap, brushed silver-tone bezel and raised resin buttons is fashionable looking and is suitable for both work and play.

Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Watch Reviews:

By: Abe

The watch digits are easy to read and you need to set up the right numbers for the different values for the pedometer. It read accurately running distances and it's not recommended for walking. It took me a few tries in order to get the right ran distance just wasn't sure the step distance. The watch style is really nice and I would recommend it for running.

By: CMTorrie "cmtorrie" (Fairfax, VA USA)

I purchased this watch because I wanted a pedometer. I found that the pedometer will work when I walk, even though the directions say it won't. The sensor waits a few seconds before recording, in order to mitigate false readings, so this can be a bit confusing. I found it to be fairly accurate for running.

Also, if you are trying to track your steps through the day, I found it to be inaccurate because of the delay. For example, if you take a few steps to get copies off the copier, it may not record the steps. Granted, taking 2 to 5 steps is not really exercise.

If you want close to 100% accuracy, I would imagine a GPS watch would be what you really need. Otherwise, I feel this one suits me for casual use.

The only true complaint I have is the band. The tip of the band slips out of the strap frequently. This is a fairly petty complaint, though, since I can buy a new band, if I really want to. One last note, I can't seem to find a way to turn off the beep when scrolling through the watch features.

By: R. Stevens

I bought the watch to use as a pedometer.It is not a pedometer.It is a running watch.If used for walking,even if you swing your arms,it does not measure correctly.If you are a runner, great.If you are a walker, don't buy it.

By: S. Partovi (Santa Rosa, Ca)

Love this watch. I used to use Google Maps to plot a distance, and then only run that distance (whether I felt great or like crap, same distance). Noticed that regardless I was always running the same routes, which got tedious and boring.

This watch looks excellent, is fairly intuitive, and most importantly works exactly as advertised for running.

I spent about an hour or two calibrating it for my stride length (you set the stride length in the watch, which is how it calculates distance: stride length in inches X number of strides = miles). Once I had it set, it was solid from then on. I'm about 5'8 and my stride length is around 54 inches on average.

I can now head out for a run, and simply run as far and as fast as I feel fit. Once I return I can see what my splits were per mile. There is also a feature to allow you to see your pace in real-time, but I tend to avoid that and try to go off feel. Note that the more you break your arm stride to look at the watch, or the more you make strange movements with the watch hand (like wrist shaking while running), the more the watch will not be accurate for distance.

Other features are a long running record of past runs, world times, a few different alarms, and a countdown timer.

Overall highly recommended!

Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF

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